We are a creative, talented and highly experienced team with solid scientific knowledge offering a specialized guidance making your vision our priority.

Viscoelabs was founded with the goal of providing rapid aid to the industry  and always with respect, honesty, profesionalism and kindness. 

Our senior consultants are the core of our scientific team, however, Viscoelabs has also a network of associated colleagues per project since one person cannot be an expert in everything but there is an expert for each topic.

Our staff

Dr. Flor Alvarez Mitre

Senior Consultant
PhD in Bioprocess with 12 years of experience in supramolecular chemistry. Scientific consultant for International Industries since 2016. Research fellow in physicalchemistry.


Experts in physical chemistry with emphasis in the thermomechanical and microstructural properties of soft materials.

Dr. Juan Angel Morales

Senior Consultant
PhD in Food Science with 20 years of experience in physicochemical properties of materials and highly experienced in training courses. Scientific Consultant since 2021. Former Professor in physicalchemistry.

Marnie Barbosa Sánchez

Food Engineer
Quality Control Manager

Ricardo Garza Mares

Master in Marketing
Corporate Image Manager